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Our Job
Cable installation
(TV, Internet, Phone)
$1300-2000 per week
Jobs are related to installation of the Internet, TV and phone cables in single-family houses and apartment buildings.
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Multiple Dwelling Units
(MDU) rewiring
$1400-2200 per week
Jobs are related to installation and replacement of cable lines in apartment buildings.

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Fiber Optic lines
$1500-2500 per week
Jobs are related to the fiber optic lines installation and maintenance in single-family houses and apartment buildings.
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Cable Technician
Responsibilities: cable TV, Internet, and telephone installations and repairs

Requirements: driver's license of any U.S. state, SSN, English

Experience: not required, we provide professional 10-day training.

Earnings: $1300-2000 per week
Job: Cable technician
One day of the Comcast cable technician.
We are one of a few companies on the market which provide our employees with everything they need for work!

Working Van
You don't need to buy your own working vehicle and make holes in the roof for the ladder racks. We will take care of everything!
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10-Day Training
If you don't have any experience this is not a problem at all. We will provide you with a professional 10-day training.
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Ladders, cable meters, drills, and belay equipment may be provided by our company.
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What else?
  • Best locations
    We work in 20 states, and all our offices have proven themselves very well.
  • Great support
    Our supervisors are always in touch and ready to help you throughout the working time, 7 days a week!
  • High rates
    We work directly with the service provider companies and have one of the highest earning rates on the market.
  • Opportunity to advance
    Weekly meetings and training will help you to develop your potential, gain greater understanding and expertise in the company's business area and will allow us to share a common business culture.
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